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An example of Technical Insulation installed by BSI Offshore
Technical Insulation

Pipe insulation and encapsulation are among our primary focus areas. We have a well-equipped workshop in Laksevåg, as well as an in-house sewing facility for the production of insulation jackets.

An example of Pipes and Cable Penetrations installed by BSI Offshore
Pipes and Cable Penetrations

Sealing pipes and cables through bulkheads and decks is a task we are highly experienced in. Our personnel undergo regular training, ensuring proficiency in this type of work.

An example of Maritime Furnishing installed by BSI Offshore
Maritime Furnishing

We have extensive experience and highly commendable references in maritime furnishing solutions. Our expertise covers all aspects of residential areas on ships and rigs.

An example of Capsuling Insulation installed by BSI Offshore
Capsuling insulation

We offer a range of capsule insulation solutions for pipes, valves, and various technical devices.

An example of Flooring installed by BSI Offshore

We excel in floor laying, leveling compound application, concrete floors, floating floors, ship flooring, vinyl flooring, epoxy flooring, and more.

An example of Insulation Jackets installed by BSI Offshore
Insulation Jackets

We provide insulation jackets designed for thermal insulation and exhaust systems.

BS OFFSHORE employee measurig metal plate


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