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BSI Offshore AS is a company based in Bergen, Norway. We specialize in the fields of Technical Insulation and Marine Interior Solutions. Our primary market encompasses floating rigs, vessels, and onshore industries. Our projects are primarily executed on our clients' rigs or ships, whether in the North Sea or elsewhere around the world, as well as at our onshore client locations.


Our strategic location places us within a half-hour's drive of the rig bases at Coast Center Base and Semco Maritime Hanøytangen, making us a preferred supplier for many rig companies operating from these bases.


We manufacture our own insulation jackets, including thermal insulation jackets and exhaust jackets. With the most experienced teams both onshore and offshore, we provide our clients with high-precision surveying and installation services.


We also boast the industry's top interior outfitters, boasting extensive experience in Interior Solutions, including flooring, walls, ceilings, marine fire-doors, furniture, and more. Additionally, we conduct Ultrasonic Hatch leak detection as a cost-effective method for identifying errors and deficiencies in doors and hatches.


We have successfully completed numerous projects in collaboration with esteemed clients, such as Seadrill, Transocean, Odfjell Drilling, COSL, Dolphin Drilling, and others.

Company car with the BSI OFFSHORE logo on it
BSI Offshore is the obvious first choice for our customers, renowned for its exceptional client service, unwavering environmental commitment, and a team of highly motivated and proud employees.
Two employees of BSI Offshore

About us

Audun Lokøy, General manager

Audun Lokøy

General Manager

Arne Folland, Operations Manager

Arne Folland

Operations Manager

Bardia Iravan-Azam, Business Support Manager

Bardia Iravan-Azam

Business Support Manager

​Per-Otto Seim, Department Manager Interior & Architect

Per-Otto Seim

Department Manager Interior & Architect

Johnny Smørås, Department Manager Insulation

Johnny Smørås

Department Manager Insulation

Henriette Karlsen Tysvær, HSEQ Manager

Henriette Karlsen Tysvær

HSEQ Manager

+47 907 15 562

Margunn Landsvik, Accounting Manager

Margunn Landsvik

Accounting Manager

Jan-Ove Dahle, Rig Operations Manager

Jan-Ove Dahle

Rig Operations Manager

Cato Sæbø, Employees' representative & Health and Safety Representative

Cato Sæbø

Employees' representative & Health and Safety Representative

BSI Personell

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