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One of our projects, Island Innovator oil rig


Former projects

Heidrun, oil rig

We produced and installed a variety of new thermal exhaust jackets for the platform. The jackets were manufactured at our in-house facility in Laksevåg and were scheduled to be installed on board by our insulation specialists during the spring.

Transocean Encourage, oil rig
Transocean Encourage

We initiated a project on board related to the improvement of flooring in the accommodation area. This included floating floors, ship floors, vinyl floors, and epoxy.

Askeladden & Askepott, oil rigs
Askeladden & Askepott

On both rigs, we upgraded the flooring in the accommodation areas and conducted technical insulation on the exterior pipe racks as well as improved the door frames in the living quarters.

ship, Norwegian armed forces
Norwegian armed forces

We conducted insulation and various interior installations on one of the Defense's frigates, as well as on one of the Defense's diving vessels, in collaboration with Endúr Maritime.

COSL Promoter, oil rig
COSL Promoter

Client: Coast Center Base

Period: 2022/2023

Safe Boreas, oil rig
Safe Boreas

Client: CCB

Period: 2022/2023

Safe Zephyrus, oil rig
Safe Zephyrus

Client/End client: Coast Center Base (CCB)

Period: 2021/2022

M / S Seisund
M / S Seisund

Period: 2021

Noble Lloyd Noble, oil rig
Noble Lloyd Noble

Period: 2021

Askeladden, oil rig

Period: 2021

ship, M / S Terneskjær
M / S Terneskjær

Period: 2021

Ship, Statsraad Lehmkuhl
Statsraad Lehmkuhl

Client/End client: Stiftelsen Statsraad Lehmkuhl

Period: 2020/2021

Ship, ACC Mosby
ACC Mosby

Client/End client: Endùr Maritime

Period: 2020/2021

Deepsea Aberdeen, oil rig
Deepsea Aberdeen

End client: Odfjell Drilling

Period: 2021

COSL Innovator, oil rig
COSL Innovator

Client/End client: CCB/ COSL Drilling Europe

Period: 2016 and 2017

Deepsea Bergen, oil rig
Deepsea Bergen

Client/End client: CCB/ Odfjell Drilling

Period: 2011

Deepsea Stavanger, oil rig
Deepsea Stavanger

Client/End client: Odfjell Drilling

Period: 2012 & 2021

Deepsea Atlantic, oil rig
Deepsea Atlantic

Client/End client: CCB/ Odfjell Drilling

Period: 2012 - 2013 & 2021

Island Innovator, oil rig
Island Innovator

Client/End client: Bergen Group Hanøytangen/Odfjell Drilling/Maracc

Period: 2013

Petrojarl 1, ship
Petrojarl 1

Client/End client: Ifa Tech AS/ Teekay

Period: 2017

West Hercules, oil rig
West Hercules

Client/End client: Seadrill

Period: 2013

COSL Promoter, oil rig
COSL Promoter

Client/End client: Coast Center Base/ COSL Drilling Europe

Period: 2016/2017

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Some of our clients

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